About the designer, Julie Eulalie

Young and passionate woman, Julie Eulalie made up her own, really personal universe over the years.

Dragged by her inspirations and tastes, Julie became in 2015 the maker of « Haute Couture » jewelry pieces and accessories, or « High Fantasia » as she calls it. Fantasia of her one of a kind pieces, made with her Savoir Faire.
Her work is, since recently, recognized and affiliated by the Ateliers d’Art de France, in Paris.

However, this by the French countryside that magic happens. Away from the Parisian « Vie d’artiste », Julie is doing everything by herself. She is mastering each and every steps of the creation process, as conceiving, drawing, or embroidering. She is the head and the hands.

After many years of jewelry making, a lot of photoshoot collaborations, Julie is always learning new techniques in order to put her entire heart in each piece, giving them a unique and inimitable style.

Being a big admirer of Pierre Soulage’s work, she made the Black color her signature. As dark as bright, Julie works with black to let every single shade of it reveal itself, with passion.
Which gives her jewelry a true, recognizable identity.

Julie Eulalie couture jewelry

Julie Eulalie

The French « savoir-faire »

Sophisticated and heavily detailed, every creation are conceived and handmade by Julie Eulalie.
Going from a little amount of hours to more than a hundred, each piece needs precision to approach excellence.

Julie complements her jewelry with fine beading art and braiding embroidery, and a constant desire to perpetuate the French elegance and Savoir-Faire.
Her cuffs, neck pieces, ear hoops and rings are multitude of canvas where she express her own vision of the well know Made In France: the one who allows every woman to completely reveal herself with the perfect piece of jewelry.